Diary Entries #10 – Some time for myself

Social media updates, spare no room for the ‘lack of information’. It only takes a temptation of a second to log on to one of the numerous social media platforms the world has out there and you are lost in a whirlwind of information…. Ummm edit - whirlwind of just data. This data consumed on … Continue reading Diary Entries #10 – Some time for myself

Awkward Love

I find myself scribbling notes, little notes at the end of my notebook. Don’t know why! Does not make sense! Stealing glances from the angle of my eyes, Is he still looking or maybe its just in my mind? I think I am smiling too much. Are the corners of my lips visibly inclined? There … Continue reading Awkward Love

The light of the Diyas!

The wick, the oil, the clay Diya and the matchstick that lit them; Everything same. Yet their flames light up differently. The small oil lamp or ‘Diya’ as we call it, is made out of clay and then baked under the sun traditionally and is all handmade, well, majority of times, it is. These oil … Continue reading The light of the Diyas!